Here at Last Day Deaf, we feel more than delighted to exclusively premiere progressive house -with ethnic touches- anthem ‘Fact Of Life‘ by French electro producer JohnT. Yup, after the exclusive for ‘Rainbow, this one will keep you company from late night hours to early dawn…. Dancing!

About JohnT

I am based in Marseille/France, I love making music .. I spend as much time as possible doing that. I don’t follow any particular framework, I just make tracks the way they come to me. Then, I spend lot of time adjusting the sound design/mix/mastering. I love all aspects of making a track. I love harmonies, energy, beautiful sounds..

JohnT is a creative individual with a passion for catchy melodies and edgy beats.

Initially playing the piano (conservatory),and then got passionnate with guitars. His productions are influenced by travels around the world, and by a few years living in Asia.

Formerly part of a Lyon-based pop band, JohnT incorporates some pop elements to some of his productions.