Would you ever imagine J Mascis messing up with shoegaze? Well, the answer might be negative for 99%, but in the (special) case of Jay See Jenny, and in particular ‘Sway‘ (a track from upcoming EP), proves that everything may happen in the magical Kingdom of music. Jeremy Discenza, is the mastermind behind this sublime solo project, unleashing a sound influenced by shoegaze, indie rock, noise rock with great sense of melody.

Needless to state, that Last Day Deaf is more than excited for this reverb-heavy, sonic beauty that will strain your amplifier…..For good!


About Jay See Jenny:

Jay See Jenny is a shoegaze influenced solo project from Upstate New York formed by guitarist Jeremy Discenza. The style combines elements of noise rock, shoegaze, and indie rock with droning vocals and layers of guitars similar to bands like Dinosaur jr. and My Bloody Valentine. The upcoming EP is due in spring 2019.