Don’t follow me, now, I can’t even stand my shadow“. These are the initial lyrics of Japan Suicide‘s ‘Fancy Mate‘, today’s exclusive for Last Day Deaf. A stratospheric post-punk/wave tune clocking at three and a half minutes, dealing with this loss of dreams (“Changing everything and losing all my life and no more dreams at all“) that we all come up with some periods in our lives. The power of JS lies exactly on this: They are bold enough to open up, and speak about matters like these, while unleashing tons of energy, instead of defeatism, and like last year’s video premiere ‘For Every Flaw, this one is worth your attention. Fact of life!

Fancy Mate‘ is taken from upcoming album ‘Ki.

Press Notes:

“What we call evil is the instability inherent in all mankind which drives man outside and beyond himself toward an unfathomable something, exactly as though nature had bequeathed to our souls an ineradicable portion of instability from her store of ancient chaos.”- Stephan Zweig.

This is a passage that we have used for the lyrics of this song. It is contained in Confessions of a Mask of Mishima Yukio. Its figure is central in our new album called KI.

KI was recorded at The Nave Studios in Leeds, UK, and produced with Matt Peel (known for producing the Kaiser Chiefs and Eagulls). It will be released at the end of April. It follows Santa Sangre (2018) and We Die In Such A Place (2015). Artwork by Maruko Fukusujiku.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt Peel at The Nave Studios Leeds, UK

Artwork by Maruko Fukusujiku

Lyrics translation by Sara Comploi


Japan Suicide are an italian rock band from Terni. Their music is a combination of gloomy athmospheres and aggressive sounds. We Die In Such A Place (Unknown Pleasures Records, 2015) was the record that made them known to the international audience, especially with the single A Mood Apart, and also by its suggestive video clip directed by Francesco Brunotti. Then the band relesead an EP titled 1978 (Darkitalia, 2016), a concept album about The Cold War and The Years of Lead (Anni di piombo in italian). Then they released Santa Sangre (Unknown Pleasures Records, Wave Records and AAMI records, 2018), a record influenced with psychedelic and shoegaze textures. After several years of european tours they presented the album in their first american tour (playing in Los Angeles and Mexico City) and also at the 2018 edition of Wave Gotik Treffen, the famous festival based in Leipzig, Germany.

Stefano Bellerba – Voice/Guitar

Matteo Bussotti – Drums

Matteo Luciani – Bass/Synth

Leonardo Mori – Keyboards/Synth

Saverio Paiella – Guitar/Synth