The opening track of Giuseppe Falivene‘s (Purlieu Recordings, Shimmering Moods Records) ‘Air Chronicles‘ (available on March 15 via Amek Collective), ‘Flux n.1, Exosphere‘, is a genuine piece of ambient/drone, an infinite 9 minute opus, to dive into your inner soul. Underneath the thick layers of noise, Falivene is brave enough to build his unique, delicate melodic lines, an abyss of feelings and vibes not in the front line, but underneath, like every pure experimental gem does, and will only be comprehended by using your headphones. So, better focus on this unexampled sonic exploration and you will definitely be awarded!

Needless to state, that Last Day Deaf feels more than ecstatic for this exclusive, that you will hopefully dig!


In the past few years Rome-based artist Giuseppe Falivene has been steadily growing an impressive catalog of releases showcasing his very specific take on modern atmospheric music. With several amazing and limited releases on Purlieu Recordings and Shimmering Moods Records, Giuseppe Falivene is one of the very few non-Bulgarian artists to appear in the roster of Amek Collective.

‘Air Chronicles’ is a mesmerising exploration of the abrasive side of contemporary ambient and drone music. Heavily deformed melodies, drifting pads and terrorising bass blasts will grab you by the throat only to let you fall through their dense drifting depths. Last Day Deaf is glad to present ‘Flux n.1, Exosphere’, the opening piece in the release which is due on March 15 on a tape limited to 50 copies.