Tonight’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, is a hedonistic trip into the subconscious, with has what it takes trip advisors-‘cosmonauts’, the St. Petersburg duo, FOARM. Listening to this 10+ minute creation, felt like being huddled-up by a vast, invisible hug; Compelling, deep ambient, full of lush melodies, capable of melting an iceberg with its ardent vibes…

One is left alone. Every day they are chased by an echo of lit relationships. Remembrances of various periods of life make them hurt. One asks themselves and tries to understand. One constantly analyzes and sinks deeper and deeper into the past. Into those times when they were Strangers, Lovers, Friends and Foes.” (FOARM)

This magnum opus is taken off the duo’s debut album ‘Midlife Regrets Sessions‘, out on June 10th via Ezhevika.

Press Notes:

‘Strangers’ is a single by FOARM, an instrumental duo from St. Petersburg, Russia. They create dark, deep, melodic ambient music full of sorrow, which nevertheless possesses a great beauty. Debut long-play album ‘Midlife Regrets Sessions’ consists of four cinematic ambient tracks dedicated to analyzation of long traumatic relationships. It will be released June 10, 2020, via label Ezhevika.

Photo by: Konstantin Kondrukhov