Egosapio is a France-based electronic producer who refuses to limit himself to genre barriers. This is more than important, since the creativity space is wide open for the artist to deliver the best without having to sound ‘like this’ or ‘that’ every time, and the listener/fan is unaware of what to expect.

In the case of tonight’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, ‘Moist Robots‘ (a term coined by Scott Adams), Egosapio creates a powerful, minimal techno with imposing atmosphere and progressive house finishing touches, combined with an ultra-dynamic build-up after the 2.30 mark. An ideal balance of minimalism, melody, progression and danceable groove from start to finish. Don’t expect a polished, crystal-clear production in this one; This is pure u/g techno to get lost in the dark room!

Press Notes:

Moist Robots. That’s what we are, when you boil things down. We are nothing but a complex machine. Sure, we groove. We like to move our rusty joints every so often to the sound of a rumbling beat, the bass line that drives our organism. Despite this, humans seem to have an innate urge to create, to exploit, and to regurgitate our internal coding in the most innovative way possible. We retaliate against this feeling that we are nothing more than a complex near-identical copy to the neighbour who’s sitting on the other side of the wall – flesh and bone, a cortex, signals, responses. We create. We push against the mundane and strive for anything that refutes the normal.

“This is why every track I write is different. I started composing less than a year ago, and now I know that I can’t fit into a single genre. I refuse. Why limit the exploration of my artistry? This track is a continuation of my journey through electronic music, and represents a pretty strong deviation from past releases. I picked a dance floor setting, perhaps a manifestation of my own longing to return to the nightlife in the midst of our current exile. The time at home these past few weeks at least gave me time to think, create, and grow.”





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