An enslaving piano chord, competent clean rhymes, sharp as razor lyrical verses conceived by neighbourhood real life in South Central, California (make sure you read the description of the track by the songwriter below), and a very fine line between melancholy & optimism never to give up, are just a few of the primary elements and reasons why we chose this track for an exclusive premiere without second thought.

So, if you are after some authentic, conscious hip-hop, then Dreamz Ain’t Dead‘s ‘On Time‘ is an ideal treat for you!

Bang bang… A walk on the wild side…


Description of the song by songwriter “Beezy”:

“On time represents a normal day in the South Central, California. The first verse represents what my father went through with his life. Something I don’t recall since I was young but I experienced it myself. Every lyric from bullets being shot towards his direction, to my uncle being shot in the head (still living) to the gun being pointed at him. He felt as if he only has himself and his group of friends, they have hope and survive this life. That’s the way of the jungle. D Spins fantastic chorus tells us about it. Life is full of surprises but I gotta keep that head up on my shoulders and stay hopeful. No matter how these surprises hit us close to the heart or just as of anything, we can’t be set back. Always have your eyes open in the jungle and even though we may do these choices that benefit or hurt us we did it for a reason. We fight for it, For the future family that will come, for yourself, and for your life. Ride or die in the jungle.

The second verse shows a little aggression based on tone…

Even when I had a gun pointed at me I didn’t freeze. The fear of death leaves you in a dark cloud “black thought” but you can’t be stuck in your fears and that’s where you to see the light “proceed with some light to my roots” this hood is home and no matter how dark it can get we always seen the light in it because this was my root. Where my past generation was from but also with the clever line of linking black thought to The Roots. When you get shot at, you ask is it too soon for me to die? Was it written already here? As we proceed further into the verse, this was an actual dream from here on out. When the shots are fired, we have this feeling as we escaped, we go home alone and feels like we just are good. We are about to eat soup on the stove but really, when the sweater comes off, the damage shows that we are hit 3 times where the bullet holes are. And it isn’t until I realize I got hit and it was then I realize it was a dream. Maybe that’s how people feel when this happens.

It feels like a dream but that’s their reality and that’s what I wanted to portray to the audience, the jungle may seem action-packed but it’s survival of the fittest, you get caught slipping, you’ll be the word of the street and on the news. That’s when the convo of going back forth “the fck you mean bullet holes, cause I got hit and didn’t get a chance to flee, how many times, only 3, let me see…” and I reveal it was a dream and that’s when it’s like oh sht!” – Albert “Beezy” Fonseca

About Dreamz Ain’t Dead (D.A.D):

Created by a group of artists, producers, and music lovers, Dreamz Ain’t Dead (D.A.D) strives to develop new sounds that impact individuals around the world. We believe in the freedom of creativity/individuality and that dreams have the power to transform and inspire people for good. Our dreams will never die, as long as we’re alive, we will work towards our goals.

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