Tonight’s exclusive on Last Day Deaf is perhaps the last exclusive premiere before this Christmas, and it’s more than ideal for a very special & rare gift to all our readers but also indie aficionados. The first thought after listening to Los Angeles-based duo Deaf Echo‘s ‘Cherry Pie‘, was The Field Mice‘s ‘Sensitive‘ but more mellow, romantic and vulnerable. Impeccable melodies, woozy vocals, flawless pace and a great build-up. The most tasty, and fat-free cherry pie of 2021 is here for you! Vital for Sarah Records‘ addicts, indie pop devotees and eternal romanticists!


Deaf Echo is a Los Angeles-based duo comprised of Lebanese-American singer/songwriter, Amir Hammoud & Mexican-American lead guitarist, Jesús Omar Lopez. Fusing the duo’s wide range of influences with their frontman’s abstract lyricism results in a carefully crafted sound that can go anywhere from melancholic indie-pop songs to upbeat dance tunes. 

Frontman, Amir Hammoud, attributes Humbug by Arctic Monkeys as the album that enticed him to begin writing songs as a form of therapy. “The lyricism and soundscape of that album is still something I study to this day. I’m naturally an introverted person. I like to keep to myself and I don’t like to bother people with my problems. That inability to open myself up to people left me with very little room to be vulnerable and confront my feelings, along with whatever else I was going through in my life. When I found that album, it inspired me to express myself in a way I never knew I could.” The eclectic songwriter always envisioned himself creating music with a band. After writing songs on his own for years,  Amir decided to post a Craigslist ad in hopes of finding musicians that shared his same passion for music.

Multi-instrumentalist, Jesús Omar Lopez, began playing guitar at the age of fourteen after being inspired by the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Soon enough, music became his passion and consumed much of his time. “I spent much of my teens and early twenties in solitude listening to records and learning any instrument I could get my hands on, especially after I first heard ‘…Like Clockwork’. That album made me fall in love with the art of intricate songwriting and instrumentation. It especially inspired me to join a band and write as part of a group.” Jesús would spend months on end searching through “guitarist wanted” ads on Craigslist in hopes of finding the right fit, but consistently came up short until he happened to find an audition for Deaf Echo. The audition went extremely well, as the two formed an instant connection over the many musical inspirations they shared. 

Despite the connection, Jesús was unable to join the band at the time due to outside circumstances but would continue to keep in touch with Amir via social media. The duo would reconnect and become friends over a year later when a demo that Amir posted via an Instagram story caught the attention of Jesús. The two were inspired to start the band up again and attempted to find new members, but after over a year of failed attempts at finding like-minded musicians, the duo’s aspirations came to a halt. Amir and Jesús remained good friends but went on to pursue personal goals that forced them to stop pursuing music. In October 2019, the duo’s debut single, “Summer Lies”, was birthed after a random jam session in Amir’s bedroom. Summer Lies became the catalyst that inspired the duo to begin writing music again. Unfortunately, the two would cease to see each other for almost a year due to the start of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020. Once again, their endeavors were left on hold, but their passion to pursue music remained.

At the start of 2021, the duo was set on finishing and releasing Summer Lies. The two worked for months to ensure their first release was something they could be proud of. They accomplished that goal in June of that year. Following the release of the band’s debut single, Deaf Echo are eager to showcase their ever-evolving sound with many more releases to come.