Today we feel excited at Last Day Deaf, to exclusively premiere the elegant beauty from Prague based composer De Moi. ‘Room for Doubts‘ belongs to the broader instrumental hip-hop field but also chillwave (acoustic chill-hop perhaps?), while it differs since the artist ideally combines acoustic instruments with electronic elements glowing with quality. The warm chords and the melodies unleashed, take the listener on a 144 second trip; A brief escape from the sad reality, which is utterly needed.

The single is released on April 7th and make sure you head here, but untile then…

‘Room for Doubts’:


About ‘Room for Doubts’

Geology. Now that I got your attention, my study of geology inspired some of the samples I recorded for this song. You won’t miss it. The emphasis of the composition is on well-build chord progression and plotted melodies.The track was recorded in my 7th floor high-rise studio.

About De Moi

De Moi is a composer based in Prague. His main goal is to sensitively combine acoustic instruments with minimalist electronic elements.