Today is a very special day for Last Day Deaf, since we feel blessed to exclusively stream a debut single; You see, this is mainly “our mission”, to present to you emerging artists: The name of the artist is David Alexandr, a North Londoner, with  a crystal-clear soulful voice coupled with a confident performance, that lifts off ‘Take Your Leave‘ from an interesting tune to a memorable one. Furthermore, his love for Amy Winehouse & James Blake cannot be hidden, combining the shapely and passionate vocal performance from the first, and the inspiring electro/neo-soul spirit from the second.

Ladies & Gents, hope you revel in Alexandr’s talent, like we do:


David Alexandr was born and raised in North London into a very musical family. After the initial youthful annoyance of being sent for piano lessons when he was little, he grew to love it and has been writing music ever since.
As someone who has never found it easy talking about their emotions, David has felt inspired to write about the experiences of being a so-called millennial living in London, and the confusions of identity that it can leave you with.
With a silky-smooth soul vocal and an ear for a strong hook, David combines classic pop influences like Michael Jackson and John Legend with the electro-neo-soul grooves of artists like Honne, Tom Misch, and James Blake.
His haunting debut single “Take Your Leave” is due for release on 10/18, with a debut EP to follow soon after.