Here at Last Day Deaf, we feel more than excited, for today’s exclusive stream of Cyrus Reynolds‘ orchestral pop miracle ‘Finder‘. The track is featuring L.A. based artist Folial on vocals and is the 2nd single off ‘Love In A Perfect Vacuum‘ EP (out today via Killer Tracks).

Breathtaking melodies, spell-binding string arrangement from members of the London Contemporary Orchestra, heartfelt performance by Folial and sparkling vibes will make you forget it’s still Monday. After all, a track like this will bring a huge smile to your lips and make you dream again… In all probability.

Press notes:

Fresh off of a critically well-received single release featuring Bon Iver’s S. Carey (“Simply dazzling…arguably the most beautiful song of 2018” -The Revue), Cyrus Reynolds releases his sophomore orchestral EP, Love in a Perfect Vacuum, on October 22nd, through Killer Tracks, a part of Universal Music Group. ‘Finder’ the second single from the EP, features vocals from LA-based artist Folial.

Crafting a sound out of both love for the orchestra and for intimate songwriting, Los Angeles-based artist and producer Cyrus Reynolds leans towards the cinematic and dramatic. A classically trained composer (Royal Academy of Music) turned electronic sound designer (Kanye, Chance the Rapper, Justin Timberlake), he draws his own sound from familiar textures and twists them into new sonic landscapes, finally holding them together by threads of interwoven narratives and personal lyrics.

Cyrus explains ”This album took a more optimistic and hopeful turn for me, with the lyrics forming out of these really big questions I was asking myself at the time. Existential things, like, “what the hell are we all doing to each other?” And it sort of boiled down to the idea that there are these forces in all of us tearing at each other, and we are made of whatever call we choose to answer. Things weren’t necessarily going well, quite the opposite actually, but I realized that the only way they could start to lift, is with hope and optimism; a faith that things can get better if we just start to give a shit.”

On recording the album with orchestra, Cyrus says ”Building the sound of the album at my studio in east LA, it kept evolving into this massive cosmic symphony. I’d finish the day and go out into the night and think endlessly about space travel and how we’d treat each other out there. The label heard the demos and said, ‘well, do you want to record this in London?’ So we did.”

Enlisting the help of members of the London Contemporary Orchestra (Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool) they tracked a full orchestra at AIR Lyndhurst, engineered by Geoff Foster (Dark Knight, Dunkirk) and mixed by Satoshi Noguchi (M83, Daft Punk). “It was a dream being out there to record, but the harsh reality of choosing that path was returning home and editing takes and stems for weeks, along with the self doubt of, ‘is this going to mean anything? But like anything, you make something and then move on because once it’s out, it’s not yours anymore.’”

Live EP release show November 6th, The Satellite, LA:

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