Tonight we are tickled pink to host the exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, from the solo project of Portland-based, multi-instrumentalist singer and songwwriter Blake Hickey, Cowboy Dinosaur, and the track ‘Fooling Anybody‘, which is the first single (out on June 19th) from his sophomore LP out August 2020.

What we most appreciate in this captivating indie pop ‘candy’, is the perfect balance between Hickey’s warm & affectionate vocals and the uuterly scintillating, high-pitched guitar riffs, you just cannot get enough…

A perfect, honeyed treasure for the post-quarantine era, destined for staring at the clear, blue sky with a broad grin and singing along!

Press Notes:

The first single from Cowboy Dinosaur’s sophomore LP, the basic idea for Fooling Anybody has followed Hickey on his cross-country migration from Nashville to Detroit to his current home in Portland. Serving as a frontispiece to the larger expedition narrative of the Ford the Fjord LP, the song touches on a common compulsion to hide one’s true emotions and struggles from those you are closest to. However, as Hickey notes, “most of the time you only think you’re fooling the people around you, but they likely still know you’re struggling with something even if they can’t say what.” Having gestated for years before coming to life, the track pairs melodic repetition with layered elements to create a richly textured headliner for the rest of the album.


The solo project of multi-instrumentalist Blake Hickey, Cowboy Dinosaur is anything but spare. Started as a bedroom project to ease feelings of depression, isolation, and social anxiety, Cowboy Dinosaur has morphed into a conversation about confronting those issues and the catharsis of music. Based in Portland, OR, Hickey has tapped into the communal energy of the area, and has become part of the music scene as a former guitarist for the band The Late Great and as the owner of a guitar pedal company, Blakemore Effects. Establishing connections within the music world and beyond has influenced Cowboy Dinosaur’s sound by foregrounding the need for personal interaction within our daily lives. Building on his debut 2019 LP, Hyperbola, Hickey pushes into new territory with over a decade of virtuosic guitar playing and lyrical introspection on his upcoming sophomore release, Ford the Fjord.