Not more than 20 seconds are needed to get lost in the lo-fi/new wave/dream pop bliss (“warm wave”) of today’s exclusive on Last Day Deaf, ‘Low Tide‘.  The solo project of Eden Sierotnik, or if you prefer COOL HEAT, latest offering is a gem full of lush harmonies, exuberant synth work and clocks just over 3 mins to make you clutching at straws for the repeat button. An opus from start to finish….


COOL HEAT is a lo-fi artist hailing from Chicago. It is the solo project of Eden Sierotnik, member of the dream pop outfit Color Card. Primitive post-rock and new wave tones create a feeling that is minimal sonically but allows the music to max out on emotional gravity. Operating in a similar musical universe to bands like Cold Cave and Drab Majesty, it channels a similar sense of dreamy abandon but avoids introspection, instead opting for a more outward-looking, engaging sound.