Tonight we are over the moon for the exclusive premiere of ‘In Control‘, the 2nd single by Gothenburg dream pop/indie trio CHIVVY. A compelling track that brings in mind the sound of our beloved 80s-early 90s-era label, 4AD, with a memorable vocal performance, a larger-than-life chorus, some admirable guitar work, thunderous drumming and thoughtful lyrical content about “choosing to love, listening and respecting yourself and your dreams. To dare to live your life as you want too.”

One of 2021’s first striking, energetic songs; Unmissable!

Press Notes:

CHIVVY’s second single ’In Control’ is about to chose to love, listen and respect yourself and your dreams. To dare to live your life as you want too. It’s about being your own best friend, to spend time alone, break up with the past or the present and to live and dare to be happy – for yourself.

Gothenburg trio ’CHIVVY’ started out as ‘The Tape’ and released an EP under that name. They have been seen on stages around Europe such as in Portugal, Norway, Germany, Kosovo, Croatia and on most of Sweden’s indie stages.

The last year, they spent all their time in the studio recording their debut album. And now the band not only changes its name but enters a new era with a more dynamic soundscape. The music is massive with a big sound and their dreamy music creates a feeling of both melancholy and hope.