Today’s exclusive on Last Day Deaf, is an elusive remix (preferably remake!) of Cecilia Ebba‘s massive Spotify hit (over 1.5 million streams in just over 3 months!) ‘Breathe Out Breathe In‘ by Natascha Polke.

Breathe Out Breathe In‘ (Natascha Polke Remix) is a highly atmospheric track full of lush soundscapes ready to take you to the “heaven of melodies” and Ebba’s compelling expression is perfectly combined with Polke’s electronic genius.

These ladies performed magic… Wish nobody breaks the spells…

Press notes:

The Swedish born and now London based independent singer-songwriter Cecilia Ebba is sharing the third remix derived from her debut EP, ‘Just Fantasy’, which Ebba self-released in May 2018 via her own label ‘Vilda Recordings’. In just over 3 months since its release the EP reached over 2 million streams on Spotify and this third remix is an electronic and ethereal remix made by producer Natascha Polke of the EP’s most streamed track, ‘Breathe Out Breathe In’.

Ebba and Polke met in London back in 2014 and have been collaborating frequently ever since. Though Polke is currently living in Zürich, Switzerland, the pair is still working together and both of them are active members of the creative collective ‘Pitch Purple Collective’. Polke was previously part of the London based electronic-pop duo ‘Rive’ and is currently active in the electronic DJ scene in Zürich and her knack for creating vast atmospheric landscapes really shines through in this production. Polke has re-dressed the track entirely for this release and it’s more a remake than a remix as it would really stand just as well on its own. The track will be released on all major music platforms on October 26th.

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