CatchTwentyTwo is an up-and-coming, young artist (he will be 21 on Sunday!) and proves to be mature enough to write, perform, produce, record & engineer, -in his bedroom-, a vulnerable, sultry neo soul gem like ‘Do You Feel The Same‘. His sensuous, velvet vocals are finely combined with the vintage melody vibes, while the song lasts exactly as long as it should, without unnecessary chatter. Unlike most heartbreak songs CatchTwentyTwo says that “i wanted to be more vulnerable, asking “why” instead of telling you all how i feel, i want people to feel what i feel without pointing fingers.

In case you have missed that feeling, good time to commemorate with this ‘treasure’…



catchtwentytwo, it means a dilemma or situation you cant get out of because of limitations, surely, youve heard of the phrase before. a singer, songwriter, and producer from broward county, florida, catchtwentytwo fuses elements of r&b and pop into his stylized contemporary songs