From mid-90s hardcore hip-hop, American BTP Nation, have evolved to a (post)-pandemic house outfit, and ‘Higher‘ is their newest single, officially out on Friday, May 13th! Feeling super excited for tonight’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, with this bouncy bass/tech house number, energetic enough, to make the Pharaoh Mummy ‘wake up’ and start shaking its butt to the kinky rhythm… This one hits hard; Pump up the volume!

Press Notes:

BTP NATION was an American conscious rap group formed in 1995 with members from Oakland and Berkeley, California. BTP Nation delivered positive rap lyrics over underground hardcore sounding hip-hop tracks. The group beat maker P-Anti (Pierre) always enjoyed all types of music, from rap to rock, so stepping into the house/dance genre isn’t new for him. 

In 2020, during the pandemic, BTP Nation started back making House Music songs that are constantly evolving into more modern-sounding vibes but still fusing his unique style. The new song for 2022, “Higher,” has a rolling rhythm with a bassline that hits hard and generates a powerful groove with a punchy beat that delivers a fresh and energetic sound. In addition, the vocals bring a great hype to the vibe.

The House music sound of synthesizer arrangements brings cool, dark, and enigmatic flavors. So keep an eye on BTP NATION and watch the house music library grow and change.