We simply cannot hide our delight here at Last Day Deaf‘s ‘headquarters’ for tonight’s exclusive premiere; To start with, ‘Secrets‘ is the very first, debut, single from Portland, OR-based songwriter, Brenden Ramirez, and his musical vehicle, Bory, and secondly and most importantly this indie/lo-fi rock gem reminded us of the great musicianship of indie guru, -among Pavement‘s founders-, Scott Kannberg (also Spiral Stairs) and especially his Preston School of Industry project, and in particular the eternal banger ‘Falling Away‘. We don’t wanna burden this dude’s shoulders more, so we’ll finish this brief intro saying that this is a flawless, bittersweet ear-candy ‘about growing up and seeing the flaws in the people you’ve always looked up to‘, sonically somewhere in between Preston School of Industry and underrated Sanford Arms.

Press notes:

Bory is the musical project of Portland, OR-based songwriter, Brenden Ramirez. What started as a way to slow down and self-reflect in between touring in 2019 gradually amassed to become his debut EP, “Sidelined.” His first single, “Secrets,” is a vulnerable, yet whimsical reflection on his past and future, a theme that sets the tone for the whole collection of songs. “Secrets” will be publicly released on April 28th and the EP in mid-May.