Feeling really excited for today’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, which is the first single from the upcoming Northwest outlaw country artist Andrew Jackson Love‘s full-length ‘This Is Love‘, (out in July 2022), ‘Lolo Town‘. Music-wise, this is an upbeat, authentic country smasher, flawless, with seductive vocal performance and a fiddle you’ll directly fall in love with, before you settle down in your “very own Lolo Town”…

Lolo Town-the song, has an intentional ambiguity to it. On one hand it speaks of a real geological setting on the far northern end of the Bitterroot Valley just 10 miles south of Missoula Montana. It also sits on the Highway 12 junction which follows the Lewis and Clark Highway I and over Lolo Pass.

On the other hand, it speaks of an emotional place where worries, doubts and fears fill the dark places and times of our lives. The intuitive meaning is borrowed from Boz Skaggs “Low Down”, and here is where the listeners discretion comes in to play. Lolo town can be a bad and sad but beautiful place-it all depends on our perspective. Rain or shine there is a little Lolo Town in all our lives-this is what I would like the listener to take away.” – Andrew Jackson Love

Press Notes:

It would be fair to say that Northwest outlaw country artist Andrew Jackson Love gets it honest. In an era when top country stars seem to care more about a twang and a spray tan then they do about telling truths through their art, Love comes blowing into your speakers like a prairie breeze. While he draws from a life colored by marriage and divorce (twice), military service, and time spent in jails, prisons, and rehabs, Love’s deft lyrical touch brings the listener into the song as if the story was their own. Love knows that all of us have a tale to tell, and This is Love weaves together common threads of the shared reality through which we all live. It’s a record that speaks straight to the soul with simple language… what’s more country than that? 

Andrew Jackson Love was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in and around Dallas, Texas. He comes from a “musical” family and has played and performed since he was a child. “My grandfather played “big band” music and taught me clarinet playing whole note scales to develop my wind” says Love. He is the oldest of five children and has two daughters and a grandson. Eventually he meandered back north and spent time attending University of Montana (where he overwintered in a tent) and Central Washington University. He currently resides in Washington State where he performs with his band Andrew Love and “The Lottery Band”.

While Love has written many songs, This is Love – his official debut release – describes his life’s story. “We began recording This is Love in August of 2018 and recently finished mastering in November of 2021”, explains Love. “Between finding and scheduling the musicians – and Covid, it took over three years, but we have finally crossed the finish line… At least with this record”.

Andrew Love’s music may be influenced by the iconic figures of “outlaw-country”, but his lyrics and melody lines vary significantly. Love grew up fighting and generally engaging in questionable actives with aplomb, but his journey through higher education brought a change in perspective. “Gaining understanding gives us better clarity and a viewpoint or footing from which to write” he says. Despite a life full of obstacles, Love could certainly be summed-up as perseverant. “I’ve had every reason to throw the towel in and call it quits” he says, but “as they say in Texas, It’s not the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog”. This record has always been a lifetime dream of Love’s, and regardless what happens from here that dream has been realized.

Love attained that goal with the help of producer and engineer Don Gunn (Peter Frampton, Soundgarden) and his Seattle recording studio The Office. In addition to Love on guitar and vocals, the record featured performances by guitarists Jerry Battista (Dusty 45s), Jonny Akamu (Jubilee), and Tim Bethune (Thirteen Finches). Bass duties were handled by Scott Masoner, Emmy-winning composer Greg Youtsey, and Todd Howard. Alisa Milner (The Ian McFeron Band) played fiddle, and Emily McVicker sang backing vocals. In addition to his work behind the console, Gunn lent a hand with drums, percussion, and keyboards. The record was mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering (North Mississippi Allstars, Michael Franti).

While the times may have changed a bit since he first picked up a guitar, Love has managed to change with them. “I’m a lot more of a mellow sort” he says. These days Love spends his time writing and performing locally, boating, fishing, and whatever else the wind blows his way. “I do believe that the best life has to offer me lies ahead” he says.  It’s this positive attitude that compels him to look for opportunities to help others and do what he can to make this world a better place.” Spend some time with This is Love, and you’ll come away feeling that you’ve found someone who just gets you. Love’s hope is that we all can find the courage to embrace the record’s underlying tenet; “take what life we have left and make the most of it”. I’d say that’s a pretty darn country way to look at things.



Photo Credit: Cory Knight