Among the most intriguing tracks, being blessed to listen before its release, was the unexampled debut single ‘Carpe Noctem‘ by Brisbane based Ancient Channels. An epidermic contact with this gem, would perhaps classify this to the wider post punk spectrum. But, there’s much more than this, since the outfit mixes shoegaze, swirling guitar riffs with multiple, loud noise rock layers, wrapped up in a sci-fi/goth ‘candy-wrapper’. Having a glance at the single’s press release, one will notice that their sound is influenced by ‘Juju era Siouxsie & The Banshees, synth heavy sci-fi soundtracks and the squalling guitars of modern noise rock‘. Spot on!

Carpe Noctem‘ is a genre-breaking, introspective delight, we feel excited to exclusively premiere… Play this one loud!

Press Notes:

‘Carpe Noctem’, the first official single from the upcoming debut record ‘Moments In Ruin’ by Brisbane based post-punk band Ancient Channels, is an anthemic explosion of ideas and sounds. Influenced by the mechanistic grooves of Juju era Siouxsie & The Banshees, synth heavy sci-fi soundtracks and the squalling guitars of modern noise rock, ‘Carpe Noctem’ is a collage of sound: a smeared palette of guitars betwixt noise rock past, present and beyond underpinned by a power shuffle and a volley of synth and bass.

This potent combination provides a solid structural framework that accompanies the loose and meandering vocal lines that interlace throughout the song. ‘Carpe Noctem’ is a tribute to the night and a lyrical celebration of the ambient darkness in our lives. A time when our hopes, wants and deepest fantasies coalesce in our subconscious and dance about in our dreams.


Ancient Channels is a sonic expedition through the imagined past, present and future. The Brisbane based post-punk band consists of Kelly Hanlon playing multiple instruments (Deafcult/Terra Pines) and Chris Preindl (Apparitions/Leavings/Vestiges) performing the drums and percussion which forms the heartbeat of the band’s sound. Ancient Channels draw from a myriad of influences including post-punk, dream pop, shoegaze and the sci-fi soundtracks of early film and television.

As equally roused by time immemorial as they are about ideas of worlds to come, Ancient Channels are a collage of genres. From the hypnotically ceremonial drumming to the more contemporary guitar riffs, dreamy vocals and ambient synth lines, Ancient Channels skirt the lines of antiquated futurism whilst keeping their feet firmly planted in the now.

Ancient Channels has recently multiplied their live band to also include Elise Clark (The New Middle Class), Imogen Kowalczyk (Julia R Anderson), Gerard Lawrence (Start Together), Kelly Saunders (A Country Practice) and Joel Saunders (Spirit Bunny, A Country Practice).