How could Last Day Deaf ever resist in running a premiere of an indie rock act named AMFM, and its track ‘1993‘? Lets clear this up a bit more the track is more 90s than 90s themselves (yup we’ve never hidden our luv for 90s!), with an ultra sexy driving bassline, compulsive guitar riffs, confident well-balanced vocals, matchless rhythm and the lyrics unleash all the desired positivity we all long for to go through this endless pandemic era; ‘1993’ is about really just holding it together while fighting the feeling that it’s all falling apart. High hopes becoming potentially shattered, explains the mastermind behind this project David Caruso.

Just make sure you tune in AMFM!

Press Notes:

AMFM announces 3/12/2020 release of next single ‘1993’ — a raw but melodic indie rock song where David Caruso said “The lyrics of this song came to me on the idea that “everything will be ok” while sitting home for the past year. I had a guitar in hand and the line EVERYBODY LOVES YOU just kept coming back to me…so I went with it. “1993” is about really just holding it together and realizing you aren’t who think you are.”

About AMFM:

AMFM is the indie rock art project of David Caruso. Conceived in New Jersey and produced in Brooklyn, AMFM brings together the gritty indie-rock production and quirky lyricism of indie bands like Kurt Vile and Deerhunter with a melodic sensibility and lush arrangement style in the mold of artists like Adam Granduciel (War on Drugs) and Jim James (My Morning Jacket).