Today is a very special day for Last Day Deaf, since we exclusively premiere the debut EP by Beles; ‘Fascinated by his Scottish and Lithuanian heritage‘, Beles creates a unique audiovisual treat, sounding more than confident and accomplished in his sublime ambient/drone ‘Dear Millie Part 1‘. Each one of the 5 tracks is accompanied by a handwritten letter to Beles’ great grandmother. Connecting the now with the then with a spine-chilling, uplifting soundtrack, that could easily suit many of us. Sit back, press the play button and read…. You may travel back in time, or even fast forward to the future. You choose!







Press Notes:

Created from Beles’ ruminations about his great grandmother Millie Matekunis and inspired by an ever present fascination with his Lithuanian heritage, each song from ‘Dear Millie Part 1′ will be accompanied by a handwritten letter to Beles’ great grandmother, complete with a century old family photograph. Serving as a powerful outlet to ponder his own history and identity, it was through curating the visuals, writing the music and penning the letters that Beles was finally able to process many unanswered questions.

View the visual art project as it unfolds:

Dear Millie Part 1 is released via Roshambo Recordings