After reading this brief intro and Humanherb‘s statement right below, press the play button, close your eyes, and prepare for a 38-minute dive into your most harmless part of your subconscious.

Tonight we feel more than enthusiastic to exclusively premiere ‘Of Shores‘, which ‘is made up of two ambient pieces broken into four movements each. Each piece is made up of looping and delayed drones and motifs‘. (borrowing Humanherb’s words from the 9+1 Q&A following right after this one).

Statement from the artist:

Humanherb explores the primordial turmoil of west coast geology. These events are tectonic, both slow and fierce. Flora make their homes in shattered and cracked rock faces, creating delicate life out of entropy.

The pieces on Of Shores are memories reflected on a rippling pond. The motifs are atavisms: their purpose long forgotten. Each movement is given its shape through distortion, the inherent vice of memory media.

Press Notes:

Humanherb is the ambient project of Morgan Morel based in Oakland, California, by way of Southeast Michigan. Morel utilizes synthesizers, strings, tape loops, and additional analog hardware to create a cosmic tapestry of haunted and ethereal soundscapes with an air of New Age Kosmische psychedelia.

The project’s newest release Of Shores is a collection of eight circular and hypnotic movements that propel the listener into a state of somniferous bliss.

Of Shores will be released digitally and on cassette by the Bay Area label Glowing Dagger on May 4th, 2020.