Electronic Vortex will put a spotlight on the hard hitting, groovy, edgy and above all dance-able aspect of electronic music featuring 8 fresh tunes to trip the light fantastic.  

On decks: Christos Doukakis

Laxcity – ‘racetrack’

(vapor twitch, dubstep), United Kingdom

Sulkin’ Raven – ‘Turn Me On (Orange Light)’

(deep house, synthwave), United States

L Chur – ‘Hiding in the darkness’

(techno), Germany

Sub Caesar – ‘Do You Like Our Owl?’

(melodic house, deep house), Netherlands

Don Turi – ‘Reacharging’ – Edit

(acid techno, rave), Italy

Uwe Thoma – ‘The Faces’

(dark techno), Germany

APHn – ‘We Got The Fire’

(house),  France

Jori Samarin – ‘P.N.A’

(hard techno), Finland