Electronic Vortex will put a spotlight on the hard hitting, groovy, edgy and above all dance-able aspect of electronic music featuring 8 fresh tunes to trip the light fantastic.  

On decks: Christos Doukakis

Robin Meure – ‘Mouthful’

(acid techno), Netherlands

Terabyte – ‘Shade in the Dark’

(synthwave, wave), United States

Sebastian Wasner – ‘Memories of a Fool’

(techno), Austria

Jodie Langford – ‘TV Or Not TV’

(electro, drum n’ bass, indietronica), United Kingdom


(progressive techno, melodic house), Germany

Sinloos – ‘161980021’

(dark techno, hard techno), Poland

Kiantek – ‘Resonance’ – Original Mix

(melodic techno), Germany

Anthony Marino – ‘Cyberacid’

(acid techno, hard techno), Australia