10 of the best, current electronica gems, covering every single genre/sub-genre, “prescribed” by LDD! Consume responsibly!

Intro to Music Theory – It’s An Attitude

(jazz house)

Jori Larres – Counterpoints


Saib – Sunset Drive

(instrumental hip-hop)

Crate Classics & Jodian Natty – Anything


BeatMaster Slim – MindState Bliss

(experimental electronic/idm/trap)

LutchamaK – Bitrate Scale – Haalleycks Remix

(deep techno/Goa)


(melodic house/EDM)

submajor – Lemme Hear the Kick Go

(tech house/alternative rock)

Erly Tepshi – Reflections

(melodic techno/deep house)

LF-Flo – Truth – Radio Edit

(melodic techno/progressive house)

Christos Doukakis