8 recent gems from the dark spectrum, from dark wave to cold wave and from minimal synth to post punk, and everything in between as long as its “bleak”. Essential for every “creature of the night”!

Belgian outift Turquoise recently stroke back with their melancholic, post punk anthem ‘Le bruit’, which was written in French in Brussels, Belgium, during autumn 2021… Old-school, top-class stuff!

French solo act Poltergeist released it debut album ‘Kämpfer‘, and ‘Der Nachtvogel’ is among the best samples from its, an electro/dark wave dynamite genuine for the “bleak” dance-floors! Stay tuned for Poltergeist’s 9+1, hopefully within the following weeks…

Parham Gharavaisi’s ‘Second Soul’ is part of the 2022. 18-track concept album ‘Prodigy‘, which is an uncommon blend of gothic metal with dark wave… Iranian, u/g dark force!

Phil Fortin is an up-and-coming cold wave/post punk artist from Quebec, Canada, and the self-titled song from his 2022’s, 4-track EP ‘Dystopian State‘, is a pure, underground banger with a driving bassline and ideally combined, echoed vocals that will keep you engaged for days…. On repeat!

Swimwear Department is an American, dance-punk band, and their latest single ‘Malled to Death’ is a superb, highly energetic, new wave-y, post punk treasure with 80s dance elements, “about The Grim Reaper coming harvest souls/stores that have been “Malled to Death”… 

Spirits of Leo’s 3rd and final single from their upcoming full-length album releasing via À La Carte Records on August 12th, ‘Asylum’, is a fine mixture of post punk, dark wave and shoegaze with shimmering guitars and alluring melodies that will directly seep into your brain….

The Synthetics come form Orlando, FL, and their 115 second lo-fi, post punk/cold wave ‘Assume The Position’ is a highly energetic, utterly addictive, straight form the 80s dynamite! A stunning start!  

Finishing with the solo project of artist JR Rhine’s Jimmy Dread, and the 2nd single from the debut album ‘DREAD‘. is an eerie, melodic, dark electro ear-candy with seductive vocals, and lyrics inspired by the short story by Philip K. Dick…. 

Christos Doukakis