Dope. playlist series will feature 10 recent gems, mostly focusing on emerging artists, you should, now or never, get round to. No genre boundaries applied, just “dope” music… Let’s get it on!

Artist: Gundelach

Track: My Frail Body (feat. Bendik HK)

Genre: indie electronic, drum n’ bass

Artist: B. Hamilton

Track: North San Juan

Genre: blues rock

Artist: Kazra

Track: Exxtradaysia

Genre: rap, electronic

Artist: switch1eighty

Track: Glock To The Back

Genre: rap, hip-hop, old school

Artist: The Beachy Boys

Track: Righteously Sick

Genre: surf rock, instrumental

Artist: Cailin Russo

Track: You Touch Me, I Touch You Back

Genre: indie electronic, pop

Artist: Khyaam Haque

Track: with Countless Crimson Stars

Genre: instrumental, cinematic

Artist: Soccer96

Track: I Was Gonna Fight Fascism (feat. Alabaster dePlume)

Genre: kraut rock, jazztronica

Artist: Jonathan Emile

Track: Try a Likkle More

Genre: reggae, afrobeats

Artist: Sweets

Track: Smoking Area

Genre: grime

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis