Dødsferd in an underground black metal band from Athens, Greece. Formed in 2001 by Wrath as an one-man band and continues as a full member band since 2009. On December 10th they will be appearing as special guests at MODU in Athens on the live show of Archgoat.

You have been really productive since day one, sort of speak, with nine full-length albums and several EPs and split ones. Your latest album ‘Wastes Of Life’ (2015, Moribund Records) seems to be one of your greatest works. Tell us a few words about the album and if you like to share some information about the artwork which is amazing!

Thanks for your great words on my new album. It was a very soul destroying album for me. I was working on it for more than two years. Everything I felt and still feel for this drained world and its sub humans, I managed to externalize it in the exact way through this album. It’s dedicated to all these parasites that still exist, due to the power of the masses and the stupidity of the generation we are living. They are increasing day by day. You will have to confront every day the same shit, but with different names. The artwork was conceived by my brother, Nikos Stavridakis (Vision Black, Razorbleed Productions). I just gave him some ideas according to the lyrical theme of the new album and the atmosphere I wanted to create. The result of it was this magnificent artwork he created that fits perfectly with the lyrics I wrote. Every human being is born dead. They follow religions; they gather into groups, they support corrupted politicians. They live in the expense of others!!!

For half of the journey Wrath run the band alone. What led to add other members and how did that contribute to the band’s course so far?

I wanted to spread my propaganda also live on stage. That was the only reason. They started as session live members in 2009, but after proving their devotion and loyalty to my propaganda, they became full members. Since 2016, we have a new member, Chaos who replaced Maelstrom in drums.

What makes your sound interesting is that you follow the original black metal sound integrating some musical details which go beyond experimentation and particular labeling of your work. What are your general musical influences and how do you perceive black metal as a genre in its general course?

I listen to a lot of music genres. I use them exactly as I want so they can fit to the sound I have created for my band. I don’t follow any kind of trends, so I can be accepted by the masses that have also entered the field of underground black metal. How do I perceive black metal as a genre? Surely not in the way it has evolved through the last years.

Are there other projects the members of Dødsferd are participating?

Nadiwrath, Grab, Abyssgale, Serpent Noir, Conspiracy Of Denial, Terror Detonator are some of the other bands/projects we participate.

It’s been a year since your last release ‘Wastes Of Life’. Are you working on new material?

Yes, I am working on my new album these days. When time comes I will give more details about it.

You will appear on December 10th as special guests for the Archgoat’s live performance in Athens, along with Impure Worship. Tell us a few words about the event and if there are any other upcoming live shows.

Archgoat is one of true warriors of black metal. It will be a true underground black metal event!!! We have another live performance in Trikala, the day before. We are very excited to perform our propaganda live on stage of Trikala for the first time. We are honored!!!

Apart from Greece you have also appeared live abroad. Is this considered as a great achievement for the band and are there differences among the different audiences you may have noticed?

A great achievement is to stay loyal to your beliefs after 15 years of existence. Our appearances live abroad confirmed all the hard work and the loyalty I have shown since 2001, to this unique underground art, to my music / philosophy and to all the true followers of my propaganda. On our mini US tour in 2011, I was really amazed by the audience. They were total maniacs!!!  True underground feeling!!!

What does the name Dødsferd mean?

It’s a Norwegian word and it means “Journey of Death”.

Thank you for your time! Close this interview as you will!

Total respect to all the true followers of my propaganda!!!

Mary Kalaitzidou