When I first saw the teaser trailer for “Death Kiss” I was absolutely gob-smacked and literally open mouthed at Robert Bronzi‘s likeness to Charles Bronson. For a split second I actually thought it was the legendary and iconic actor. Not unsurprisingly Robert Bronzi won a look alike contest back in 2010. It seems that the film-makers were extremely lucky to have found him because the film would probably not work as a “Death Wish” sequel without him. In actual fact it does seem that the inspiration to make this unofficial sequel came about because of his likeness to Charles Bronson.

Robert Bronzi has also appeared in the previous film from the makers of “Death Kiss“, “From Hell To The West“. In which he plays a Bronson like character hunting down a serial killer in this  wild west slasher film. That from the trailer seems to be a fun and different addition to the slasher genre.

Death Kiss” is written and directed by Rene Perez, who has been directing since 2010. Having quite a few film credits to his name including “Cowboys And Zombies“, which is different take on another horror genre. That of the zombie film. It is a fun and entertaining  spoof.

Death Kiss” seems as if it will be a really well made and a faithful sequel to the original “Death Wish” films. Although seemingly made on a low budget as “From Hell To The West” obviously was. The film is evidently made by fans of Charles Bronson and the original five films with the film-makers clearly making the most of the limited budget.

The trailer gives the impression that the film is going to have stylistic elements from of all of the original five Death Wish films. Particularly the first three directed by Michael Winner. There is some really eye-catching cinematography that stays faithful to the look and feel of the original films, but with a subtle modern twist. Containing shots that Michael Winner would have without a doubt used in the first three films if the technology was available to him in the 1970s and 1980s.

Death Kiss” in all honesty looks from this teaser trailer to be a far better prospect than the upcoming Eli Roth remake starring Bruce Willis. Made all the more intriguing because of Robert Bronzi’s uncanny likeness to Charles Bronson.

Death Kiss” feels as if it will be well worth watching, especially for fans of Charles Bronson and the original Death Wish films.

This teaser trailer has made me really excited to see the finished film.

Karl Franks