Modern Panic isn’t just Alarm’s successor, it’s a record through which we redefine the band’s identity. Composing it felt like looking at a mirror, suddenly noticing something is changed and then embracing it.

Musically there are moments where raw and powerful elements come to surface and others in which we our reveal darker shades. Written between London, New York, Athens and Crete, the changes in the mood of the record are ferocious, while lyrically it reflects on modern society’s issues such as lonerism, homophobia, racism, drug use and social media addiction.

Deeply romantic but also straightforward and fast, Modern Panic is what we crave to be.


Deaf Radio are: Panos Gklinos, Dimitris Sakellariou, Dimitris Georgopoulos and George Diathesopoulos

Music & lyrics by Deaf Radio
Produced by Deaf Radio, Stelios Provis and Greg Magos
Recorded by Greg Magos and Stelios Provis at Porou Studios
Mixed by Greg Magos and Stelios Provis at Few Studios
Mastered by Nikos Lavdas at KiWi Studios
Artwork by Bewild Brother

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