The bonus track on Japanese CD edition of Daughter‘s latest and second album ‘Not To Disappear‘ (2016, 4AD), has been released as a single, while the band continues their live tour in UK. The single is out on 4AD/Glassnote and tt was originally recorded in the New York sessions last summer. Although Daughter started as a solo project of Elena Tonra (vocals, guitar), soon became a trio flanked by Igor Haefeli (guitarist) and Remi Aguilella (drummer), with their base in London. Their music is a fine blend of indie pop and folk but with a very intense dream pop character. ‘Not To disappear‘ has been the absolute outcome of their melancholic and dark side so far, both lyrically and musically. Futhermore, the epic and strong track ‘The End‘ is set to shake even more the situation.

Eleftheria Gesou