Paul Lopez, creator of dark ambient project Sana Obruent, in conjunction with his label Backmask Records, Baltimore, Md., is releasing a brand-new 10-track album entitled “Songs About Death and Redemption” on Saturday, September 22.

This new work, the artist’s seventh album, is intended to represent the stages we experience when making our final journey from life to death. “We don’t think about death as something that is going to happen to us,” explains Lopez. “But over the years, we all lose friends and family members; people we never imagined would be gone so soon.”

“I think if people really knew there was something afterwards, everyone would try to be a little better at life. If we knew we would be judged, a lot of people would be kinder to one another.

“‘Songs About Death and Redemption’ is my interpretation of what I think happens during the different stages starting with our departure from earth to what comes after.”

Sana Obruent’s music is best described as “dark ambient,” and is created with the use of a guitar and pedals to create songs with a dark, eerie or dissonant feel. No keyboards or synthesizers are used. Lopez sometimes enhances his original recordings with the use of digital reverb to create deep drones and echos.

The effect or mood is often augmented with the use of various “found” sounds such as wind, rain, recordings of actual ghosts, short clips from very old songs or the crackling and popping of a needle on an old phonograph.