Cool…Smooth…Chill. 5 tracks for your complete leisure, relief & enjoyment. Best enjoyed on weekend evenings.

Christof R Davis – The Moth and The Bat

(ambient, neoclassical)

‘The Moth and The Bat’ is the 1st track from Christof R Davis’ forthcoming EP ‘The Tree and The Moon’, a transcentent, ambient neoclassical unleashing calmness, tranquility… Mastered at Abbey Road with spectacular sound!

Jakob Lindhagen – Tomorrow

(neoclassical, new agei)

Swedish composer and multi-instrumentalist Jakob Lindhagen’s ‘Tomorrow’, is a stunning, almost meditative, experience, the listener may find some inner peace in these mada times…. Like the sweetest lullaby!

Noah – Odette

(indie r&b, ethereal pop)

Hokaido-born “fairy” Noah recently gifted with the spotless hybrid between indie r&b and ethereal pop, with some of the best, vocals and eerie, spine-chilling soundscapes we’ve had the chance to experience in 2022, so far….

Lofitic – Winds of Hope

(chill-hop, lofi)

Chilean producer,  Lofitic’s debut release on Patiotic Records, finds him at his very best to date, with an alluring lofi, chill-hop sound, ideal as the artist notes for “a pause from the distracting, noisy and greedy world”. 

Kenzo Zurzolo – Multitude

(neoclassical, minimal)

A minimal, neoclassical beauty, by the French composer & artist Kenzo Zurzolo, inspired by ‘imaginary garden’, a painting by artist and close friend Lenny Mathe…. Smooth obsession!

Christos Doukakis