ETOR Dark Ambient Fest “Tenebrae De Profundis” photo tribute

6th May 2016 (1st day) Trèfle Noir   Sophia   Nordvargr   Deutsch Nepal ***John Kokkonakis (photos), Christos Doukakis (video) 7th May 2016 (2nd day) …

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Blast From PastHighlights

Joy Division – Closer
(Factory, 1980)

18 July 1980: 43:59 minutes of music that changed everything. Only 4 years after their formation, Joy Division recorded their second release ‘Closer’, following ‘Unknown …

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HighlightsLost Gems

Asylum Party – ‘Borderline’
(1989, Lively Art)

While coldwave music could virtually only be heard in France and Belgium, its roots could be heard all over Europe in post-punk music as the …

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HighlightsR(ockers) I(n) P(aradise)

RIP : Japanese electronic music pioneer Isao Tomita

Isao Tomita, often known as Tomita, died May 5th, at the age of 84, at Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital. The cause of his death was …

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HighlightsSongs of the Week

Mixtape#1, (06/05/2016)

Radiohead – ‘Burn The Witch’ Ding- dong! Burn the Witch! After disappearing from the digital world, sending out cryptic leaflets to their fans and generally …

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Blast From PastHighlights

Iggy Pop – The Idiot
(RCA, 1977)

After the Stooges’ break-up, his self-imposed hospitalization and his ordeals with addiction, Iggy Pop and David Bowie moved to Berlin for a new start. One …

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