Figure Section arose from the meeting of Austrian-French musician and actress Olivia Carrère – aka Olive – and Belgian artist and producer Yannick Franck (RAUM, Orphan Swords, Mt Gemini), who first crossed paths on a theatre stage in Brussels.

Initially working together on scores for plays and performances, these first collaborations revealed a dynamic of liberating creativity between them. Subsequently bonding over a mutual appreciation of Cold Wave, Synth Pop and EBM, the inception of a duo rooted in chemistry and complimentary fascinations became a compelling pursuit.

Although founded on an acknowledgement of these styles, their execution is experimental, idiosyncratic and entirely modern in spirit, guided by an intent to revise their influences and an approach shaped by romanticism and a surreal, Dadaistic sense of humour.

The recurrent themes of the project address friendship, love, loss, existential angst, survival, irony, degeneration, queer culture, non-conformity and ‘the expiation of tensions through modern day rituals’.

The duo’s first single ‘Teutonic Knights’ was hailed by The Brvtalist as an illustration of ”infectious wave [music] with an eerie atmosphere and frigid vocals”, a track that subsequently generated widespread acclaim.

Their debut EP, entitled ‘Spectre’, renews and expands upon the intensity of ‘Teutonic Knights’, delivering an impactful hybrid of taut minimal wave and heavyweight EBM across three exhilarating new tracks.

‘Spectre’ is released October 3rd on aufnahme + wiedergabe

master by db Master Pro
picture by Caroline Lessire