Circus Veil is a promising band from Thessaloniki, Greece that managed in a few years what others cannot! Having formed sometime back in 2012, they have released in the so-called “crisis years” a demo, 4 singles an E.P. and their debut full-length album ‘NuLife’ on the Dutch label Into The LimeLight Records. Yes, this is an alternative/hard rock band you shouldn’t miss live on 10th of May, at Eightball Live Stage, in Thessaloniki along with SoundBound, 4LT. and Downtown Association. 

What can we find behind the ‘Circus Veil’ then? Leaving the wordplay, and direct to the question: Please provide our readers with a brief bio of the band.

Our journey starts back in 2012 in Thessaloniki, Greece. It was not before 2013, when we released our first self-titled demo and while having the road open ahead, a couple of years later we released 4 new singles and after that our first E.P. called ‘A.R.‘ came to life via Straight From The Heart Records. Currently, we have already released our brand new album via Into The LimeLight Records! It’s name is ‘NuLife‘, a NEW Life Experience for our listeners.

Through the years our passion is still playing live in front of our audience though. Our stage performance is often being referred as “THE non-stop adrenaline Rock n’ Roll show” by reviewing webzines. Until now, our music has given us the chance to visit most parts of Greece, and we are more than grateful about it!

Moments of great significance would be the times when Circus Veil shared the stage with many foreign and local artists such as John Lynn Turner (Deep Purple), Enforcer, Laki Ragazas (Mystic Prophecy, Devil’s Train), Adept and Barb Wire Dolls.

Your debut album ‘NuLife‘ was recently released by the Dutch label Into The LimeLight Records. Firstly, talk us about your debut album: Which was the procedure for this one? Someone brought the idea in the studio, and the rest started jamming? Also, how did the Dutch find you and managed to get the record deal?

Considering the composition of the album, what has happened was pretty much what you mentioned. Every member of Circus Veil brings their ideas to the rehearsals and so our unique sound is a result of every member’s own signature. What was really interesting about this album is that, while our singer Pantelis Benos (Lee Hale) is the album producer we had the chance to record literally wherever we wanted. So we chose a cool hotel in Sarti, Halkidiki, by the sea.

As far as the record label is concerned, we had intel from one great friend of the band and brother of our drummer, George Karafotis that Into The LimeLight Records was searching for bands outside of Netherlands too. As it seems, our singles from the album were more than enough for them to want a collaboration with us. We are more than happy for that big step so far!

The beginning of the first video for the self-titled track starts off with some cool sampling. Would you like to tell us about the use of this sample, and also about the video itself?

Actually, it’s a sample that we recorded ourselves! One night we were chilling and having some drinks in a crowded square in our hometown, Thessaloniki and there was a drunk old guy, who had the need to philosophize about life in general. We just found it interesting to record his words and make them fit with the intro of our first album’s single, called ‘Nulife‘.

NuLife‘’s message is about getting in touch with your inner self first, and then go out there and face whatever you have to face. At least, this is my own “translation”, that makes me like our music and lyrics even more. For the same reason we chose to make the music video for ‘Nulife‘ inside a house, as it is the place where most people are forced to face their own demons. It is important to mention that the whole production of this music video was directed by our bassist Tasos Amarantidis (Taz Ames) and our friend Athanasia Molfeta.

Which alternative metal bands would you consider the most important for Circus Veil’s sound?

It’s really hard to tell as we have so many influences. It is also impossible for us to fit our taste in music inside a single genre. Throughout the years I would say that the sound of bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Mötley Crüe, Sixx A.M., Muse, Avenged Sevenfold, Asking Alexandria, Falling In Reverse, Papa Roach, My Chemical Romance, HIM and Shinedown has formed ours.

If there’s a typical day in the studio with you, how would you describe this one?

Mocking each other, throwing things on everyone, drinkin’ and chillin’ and having fun. Well… we also rehearse sometimes… 🙂

About 5 years ago you released your 1st  album. How do you feel this evolution for the band? Pretty fast, huh?

While you‘re living it, is seems that everything evolves so slow. But, when you receive feedback from people around you, you understand that the concept of time isn’t the same for everyone. The only thing for sure is that we are more mature now. Not only as musicians, but as humans as well. We started at a really young age. We might have made some mistakes. We never stopped looking forward though and searching for the best option.


Should we expect an alternative metal explosion from you on May 10th at Eightball Live Stage?

Alternative metal explosion? I surely don’t know about that… What you should expect is five people enjoying what they are doing and respecting their/other people’s music and the audience not only as performers on stage but as part of the crowd that is hanging around you. If you feel an alternative metal explosion happening inside you or around you, then I guess it is a good thing…

What’s next for Circus Veil then? Touring abroad?

This is surely the plan. A difficult one but still the goal. We are already making discussions about touring abroad and around Greece as well, starting from the next season. More news from us will be released soon so stay in touch.

Last words belong to you. A special message to your fans?

Never forget that most people on stage are not there only for themselves, but for you as well! We are people like you that face difficulties every single day and choose to deal with everything through music. If this sounds like you then you should get in touch with something that seems familiar to you! We might help you. You will surely help us! See you soon… Cheers!

Photo credits: Tasos Amarantidis (1st one), Athanasia Molfeta (2nd one)

Christos Doukakis