If you’re a Chasms fan chances are you’ve already listened to ‘Shadow‘ the hypnotic much-awaited second single from their upcoming LP ‘The Mirage‘.  If you haven’t, scroll down right this instant and take in the ethereal seven-minute track. The alternative duo have shifted their sound to become more minimalistic, yet still “characteristically melancholic and potent with emotion.” ‘The Mirage‘ features electronic samples, tape-delay-induced polyrhythms, and entrancing techno. According to the LA-based duo, the album was written after traumatic events and major life changes in Jess Labrador (drummer, guitarist, vocalist) and bassist Shannon Madden’s lives; including Oakland’s Ghost Ship warehouse fire in 2016 that took the lives of Madden’s brother and a number of the band’s friends, a dissolution of a marriage, and a move from San Fransisco to Los Angeles. The Josh Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv, ex-live member of Nine Inch Nails) mixed LP is therefore about: “What we think we see, what we think we know to be true, how we think life will turn out, the plans we make – all reduced to an illusion when someone you expected to be alive tomorrow is gone, when plans fail, when the mask is removed, and you are left simply to be.” A sentiment all can find relatable.

Check out the tracklisting for ‘The Mirage‘ along with the cover art and gig info below. The album will be released February 22nd, 2019 via Felte.

Sarah Medeiros


The Mirage‘ tracklisting:

  1. Shadow
  2. Every Heaven in Between
  3. Deep Love Deep Pain
  4. Gratuitously Cruel
  5. No Savior
  6. Tears in the Morning Sun
  7. The Mirage
  8. Divine Illusion (Rework)
  9. Divine Illusion (Bonus Track)

Live dates:

1/11/19 – San Diego, CA – The Whistle Stop *

1/26/19 – Los Angeles, CA – El Cid #

1/27/19 – San Francisco, CA – Rickshaw Shop ^

* O/X

# Anika

^ Anika and Spellling