Three tracks that need to be listened. Three tracks “buzzzing”. Hand-picked by Last Day Deaf for you…

Artist: Rotana

Track: ‘Side Effects’

Genre: contemporary R&B

Rotana‘s voice is so smooth that fill every sound vacuum. What do I mean? ‘Side Effects’ is an ultra minimal, contemporary R&B track, that shows off the singer’s surprising capabilities. Get lost in this unfiltered, stripped memorable tune that will fill every single void. Magic!

Side Effects‘ is the final single from Rotana’s ‘Demo Love Series‘ EP.

Artist: SLANDER Crankdat

Track: ‘Kneel Before Me’ (feat. Asking Alexandria) 

Genre: drum & bass

Hope you are ready for a massive one now: ‘Kneel Before Me‘ is a collaborative drum & bass hymn between SLANDER & Crankdat (featuring Asking Alexandria). This one is a pure dope of heavy basslines, thunderous beats & percussion and an ultra-cool guest appearance of rock mavericks Asking Alexandria. Must-listen!

The press reads: “SLANDER ventures into uncharted territory on their hardcore-meets-bass music track “Kneel Before Me” in collaboration with leading UK rock band, Asking Alexandria, and rising talent, Crankdat, on Monstercat/Sumerian Records. Opening with the notes of a sinister storm, “Kneel Before Me” evokes images of the Amazonian jungle during the apocalypse, filled with the sounds of the wild – grating mechanical synths intertwine with the shrieking of animals and growling basslines become one with the clap of thunder. SLANDER’s cutting edge production style and Asking Alexandria’s angst-ridden vocals give “Kneel Before Me” both emotional and dancefloor appeal, merging the best of heavy rock with the energetic and dynamic bass of dance music. The track has personal significance to SLANDER, as rock and hardcore music were the first genres they immersed themselves in as teenagers; they blasted bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Underoath, and Asking Alexandria themselves from their car speakers in their high school’s parking lot. “

Artist: Third & Delaware

Track: ‘Ardor‘ 

Genre: post-hardcore, metal

Third & Delaware hail form Dallas, Texas, and ‘Ardor‘ is taken off their ‘Generations‘ EP. A catchy post-hardcore track with switching vocals from clean to harsh and back again. The band is not afraid t enrich their sound with some addictive strings and ethereal melodies, along with good lyrics like the following ones:

Your words cut deep into my skin

These wounds will heal but not within

These words are calling your name, will you be there?…’

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Curated by: Christos Doukakis