Maga Sounds, artist pseudonym of Guilherme Alfaya, is an Eletronic Music project from Brazil based mostly in Techno. Engaged with music since 8 yeras old, he tries to bring up to his productions a bit of everything he has visited by this passing years, being influenced since from blues and jazz, to psytrance and pure techno. Leading to very engaging tracks with a lot of ambiences and hypnotic elements that drives the listener trough a real trip in its imagination, awaking feeling you didnt even remember to feel.
The new album, Journey, is composed by 7 tracks wich emerge all his identity and style, being even difficult to classify in a genre chart. Melodic, but also heavy and powerfull, the album brings the most legitme signature of the artist and in each song you can feel puzzled as the same way as uplifted and euphoric.