Blues Boom is a column that will target on presenting the cream of the crop of blues, modern blues, neo blues & blues rock sound. Eight tracks will be featured on every post that every blues fan should directly move to. 

“Simple music is the hardest music to play and blues is simple music”. – Albert Collins


Starting this Blues Boom round-up with the born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri artist  Mojo Watson‘s ‘Secrets‘, a blues rock dynamite focusing “on some of the existential questions that are being bantered about of late“. Old-school stuff!

Brian Berggoetz Band‘s take on Johnny Cash‘s ‘Folsom Prison Blues‘ is actually a track of their own, with an addictive hook echoing the original… This one is a great soundtrack for driving through the desert, with an intense desert blues vibe, and an excellent vocal performance… Johnny should be proud up there!

The Lilliston Effect‘s ‘Fat Mo‘ is a great, instrumental blues song taken form the band’s 2022, 12-track album ‘El Bull‘, with an engaging driving line, and an insane baritone sax that will glue on your brain for days! Ready for groove?

Multi-award-winning tenor saxophonist and composer Binker Golding‘s ‘Love me like a woman‘, is among the stand-out gems of the just released 7-track album ‘Dream Like a Dogwood Wild Boy‘, an impeccable 8+ minute, blues-jazz fusion instrumental, with excellent narrative style, showing off his superior sax skills… Wild thing!

 Edgewood Heavy‘s ‘Save My Soul‘ is the 3rd release by one of Atlanta’s hottest, upcoming bands, described as “A mixture of Andre 3000, Prince, and Erykah Badu,” an is  accompanied by a stunning video depicting the aftermath of a bank robbery; Retro soul genuinely mixed with blues, with gentle psychedelic rock elements.

Sovereign Citizen‘s ‘Day Job Blues‘ is a highly phlegmatic, 6+ minute, garage blues rollercoaster about a job we don’t like, with an addictive spoken word. These guys rock, but make sure you listen to this gem after having booked your next day off work! 

Sun King Rising‘s (the solo project by singer-songwriter John Blangero from Port Isabel, Texas) ‘Free Will in China Blue‘ is an authoritative  rootsy bluesy, gospel flavored americana, banger with an excellent brass section, bringing back the good old days…

.Last but not least, Carol Sloane‘s ‘I Don’t Want to Walk Without You‘ – Radio Edit,  is a moody miture of vocal jazz with blues, that was written during World War II by Frank Loesser and Jules Styne, and is taken from the artist’s final concert at Birdland in 2019… Absolute class!

‘Blues Brother’: Christos Doukakis