Music has been known as the background scene of the music industry as it gets a little too questionable attention mainly from the hardcore fans of folk music who grew up on it, it is really hard for folk musicians nowadays to grow out their audience to new ones that didn’t like the genre in the first place. Beth Orton is among the few of the musicians who sing and make folk music and who are currently dominating the music industry as far as the folk scene goes, it doesn’t represent the majority of the folk musicians out there who are not well represented as she had the luck to work with great people who put her on a higher scale she is at right now, the folk industry is growing up on a rapid pace but especially in the sync licensing industry. Folk music is a trend in the sync licensing industry alongside other genres including pop, EDM, and orchestral or what they simply call cinematic, Beth Orton is not a sync music artist nor a sync music composer even if the music industry has shifted a lot to make their records available as soundtracks if Beth could tap into the sync licensing industry it could certainly change the while overview of her career as it could make her music career surge in popularity as we have seen many recording artists including Hans Zimmer and the imagine dragons.

The industry can expose a piece of music to millions of individuals in a matter of seconds and was found to be the 4th way teenagers are discovering their next favorite bands only after social media, radio, and influencer marketing also known as word of mouth marketing. Chris Level is an EDM and pop musician with great vocals that are 1000% fitting to the sync licensing industry of today’s world, if she can imitate Chris level way of writing and singing even though it doesn’t apply that much to her music, then Chris Level and Beth Orton can really continue to flourish in the music industry but mainly sync licensing industry.

Laurenz Lamie