One of the most excellent marketing tricks that every brand tries to pull is to play with its customers’ emotions. When we speak of videogames, recent years have seen a shift in more gamers than ever wanting to go back to the basics, to games that might lack in sophistication, but promise wholesome entertainment nevertheless. 

Agreeably, there is an equal want amongst gamers to have the latest in technology. As a result, game manufacturers are trying their best to stand out by combining real life with the virtual one, particularly to attract more non-gamers. The recent Travis Scott Fortnite challenges and concert are a great example of how millions of players are eager to see gaming reach the next level. For those who want to take a step back and relish in the simplicity of the bygone era, there are still several gaming opportunities, and we discuss a few here today. 

Re-released Consoles

What can be better than playing retro games on a vintage console? There is the option to buy one at a premium, but for a more smooth and guaranteed playing experience, you can opt for one of the re-releases that gaming companies are taking out regularly. From Atari and Sega to the ever-so-popular Super NES Classic, smaller, more compact versions of these consoles are now in the market. The one drawback to these consoles is that they come pre-loaded with a fixed number of games, so you are limited to only enjoying some of your past favourites.

Online Casinos

Not exactly video games, but equally fun money-making ventures, online casinos have been creating waves for a few years now in the gambling world. These casinos offer their customers poker, blackjack, roulette, and bingo, as well as the most popular of games, slots, in various avatars. Amongst slots, the classic fruit machines are available with plenty of options, in three or five reels, and without any over-the-top graphics and sounds that are a part of themed-slots. Moreover, with several bonuses and free play options, you can indulge in them at any time you like.

Online Websites

There are a few online websites such as The Internet Arcade that allows players to go back in time and immerse themselves into retro games like Prince of Persia, Wolfenstein 3D, and Street Fighter. With over 900 games when it started, and close to 15000 titles now, you can play the very best of retro games easily on your web browser, without needing any extra consoles. Several other websites like this feature vintage console games and, in some cases, even new ones that have an old-world feel about them.  

Google T-Rex

If everything else fails, you always have Google Chrome’s T-Rex game to play, which has all the elements of a retro game, including cute gaming sounds. Moreover, it can be played even when there is no internet connection. Featuring a T-Rex jumping over obstacles, it is the ultimate in vintage gaming, perfect for taking a little break from all your office work.

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