8 current tunes to sharpen your Aural Intelligence.

Mesmerizing blend of new wave, synth-pop & indie by Glaswegian quartet Bubbatrees, with their anthemic banger ‘Alchemy‘.


Los Angeles-based duo Rituals of Mine share bewithcing downtempo R&B  ‘BURST‘ (from the forthcoming EP, ‘SLEEPER HOLD‘, out October 4th on Carpark Records) with some stunning visuals.


Remaining in L.A. this time with the dreamy, heavenly synth-pop ‘Another Life‘ by Polartropica accompanied with a video which depicts how true love has no boundaries, told in the narrative of the movie “Grease“, but in the modern day and defying gender norms.


Merging genres (synth pop, disco, progressive rock & kraut) with Aquacadia‘s ‘Which Way Is Up?‘ (from the band’s debut album ‘Into Atalantia‘) will activate that rusty time machine and transfer you to early 80s!

Iconic rapper Snoop Dogg teams up with MacShawn100 to gift us with a hard-hitting & highly energetic tune. That is ‘So Fly, So Wet‘ (out on So, Let’s Talk).


Event Horizon‘ by Brazilian composer and bass player from Belém do Pará Davi Valois, is a political statement about the current, dystopic political situation in the largest country of Latin America. A bold dose of experimentation!


A 12-minute epic adventure of mindblowing “techno vs post-rock”, by Gust Recorder (Moscow based musician Ilya Sizov) and ‘Dissipation Nights‘. From Russia with Love!


The latest video ‘Wandering Eye‘ by American rock’n’roll outfit The Astronots  is a quirky love song with bluesy vibes and 60’s garage influences.


“The brain” : Christos Doukakis