I come from a non musical family. Although no one played music, everyone LOVED art and creativity in all forms! My grandma and sister painted, my parents always had records playing in the house, my mom brought me to my first play, my dad had taken figure skating lessons, everyone loved art in one form or another. And I was surrounded by it all! I learned to love and appreciate art, and that really shaped my music, my songwriting and where I get my inspiration from. So here are 10 pieces of art that have made me into the artist I am today!

Book – The Hobbit

This was the first book that got me into reading. Not only did it inspire my love for books at a young age, but it showed me how to create whole new worlds! I was captivated by J. R. R. Tolkein’s way of bringing characters and places to life. 

Song – Gravity by Sara Bareilles

This song is filled with such beautiful descriptions and really makes you feel. I first heard this song on a TV show, and I immediately had to find it. I love how she’s taken gravity and really applied it to a relationship. It showed me how you can use less words to create emotion in the listener.

Movie – Star Wars (Original Trilogy)

The first time I watched the original Star Wars trilogy, I was just starting high school, and it blew me away. These films are just outstanding in every way; the story line, acting, the musical score! But what really inspired me was the story behind Star Wars. When they were making it, no one believed in it, everyone thought it would be a bust, but George Lucas let his creativity flow and followed his passion. It turned out to be one of the biggest franchises this world has seen!

Play – Saint Joan by Bernard Shaw

I first read Saint Joan in grade 12. My teacher let me choose what my final essay would be written about, and I chose this play. The last monologue said by Joan of Arc was and still is one of my favourite monologues of all time. She talks about the difference between living and just surviving. How just being alive wasn’t enough, she needed the wind on her face, the sun on her skin, to fully be alive. It reminded me to never settle in life and to never take living for granted.

Musical – Newsies 

Newsies is my go-to musical to listen to when I need motivation. The story alone pushes you to do the right thing in life and teaches you to never stop fighting for what you believe in. The music is so inspiring and uplifting, it always leaves me feeling ready to take on the world.

Poem – Invitation from Where The Sidewalk Ends

Where The Sidewalk Ends is the first book of poems my parents bought me as a child. I loved all the imagination and creativity this book showed. Invitation was my favourite poem to read. It speaks to all the creatives, saying there’s a place for you here. It made me feel included and not alone. 

Painting – Girl with Ducks

My grandma was an amazing painter, She always made her own hand painted cards for birthdays and christmas, and would be constantly drawing. My favourite painting is hanging on my wall in my room and it always reminds me to be free and let creativity flow. Her painting and creativity taught me to not be afraid to be creative and to let my light shine.

Dance – Modern

Dance is so powerful. The modern style of dance always takes my breath away. I love how a dancer can make you feel so many emotions just by the movement of their bodies. I am always inspired by watching dancers move, and completely feel with their bodies. This is one of my favourite partner dances to watch when I want to be inspired.

Artist – Brandi Carlisle

I have listened to Brandi Carlile’s music from the beginning of her career. She is such an incredible story teller and always finds new and creative ways to tell her stories. Brandi is also not afraid to be who she truly is. She never hides herself, her life or what she stands up for. I am always inspired not just by her songwriting, but by how strong, kind and powerful she is as a human being. 


Now, I know nature isn’t necessarily an art form, but being in nature, and surrounding myself with its beauty, always inspires me. Listening to the music that nature produces, the skylines, mountain ranges, lakes, forests and more inspire my music and how I live my life. Sometimes just sitting alone in nature, listening to the birds and the wind in the trees, I can feel the lyrics and melodies coming to me. 

Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9eOUEbNHlc