amplitude: The amount of a signal. Amplitude is measured by determining the amount of fluctuation in air pressure (of a sound), voltage (of an electrical signal), or numerical data (in a digital application). When the signal is in the audio range, amplitude is perceived as loudness.

–A playlist featuring 10 recent electronica gems you should definitely dig!–

Froman – ‘Iris’

[lo-fi house/melodic house]

Irish producer Froman’s ‘Iris’ is an impeccable lo-fi, melodic house treat with gradual, anthemic climax, deep vibes and rich, warm textures that will keep you heated during the endless, winter nights!

sober rob – ‘Atom Mirror’


Boston-based beat-maker sober rob’s ‘Atom Mirror’ is a great, futuristic, trap/EDM gem with stunning sound design and engaging melodies track, ideal for focused listening on headphones…

Fried Dough – ‘Door Jam (Honestly)’


Canadian electronic band Fried Dough recently shared their stunning idm odyssey ‘Door Jam (Honestly)’, a gradual, unfolding beauty heavily influenced by Clark & the twisted universe of iconic Aphex twin. Hold your breath for the ending… Construct 2 deconstruct!

LutchamaK – ‘S.T.bahn’

 [deep techno]

French producer LutchamaK never stops to amaze us with every single release of his! This time with the opening 7-minute track from his album ‘Utopia’, a deep techno number with punchy beats, endless groove, deep space-y vibes and sexy rhythm at 127 bpm! Great stuff!

Jenji – ‘Clover’


Time to relax for a bit with Jenji’s chill-hop treasure ‘Clover’… Genius use of samples, chiptune influenced sound, and  an alluring main vibe to breathe easy…

Dj Overture – ‘Daydreaming’


Dj Overture’s release is an alluring, trip-hop/ambient ear-candy full of ethereal soundscapes that will lead in endless….. ‘Daydreaming’. Pure magic!

Rodney Cromwell – ‘Get Me To Prague’

[experimental electronic/retro futurism]

A ravishing sample of retro futurism via a healthy, experimental prism by Adam Cresswell’s lo-fi electronic project Rodney Cromwell, recorded a long time ago when Adam was still in  band called Saloon, which iconic radio producer John Peel had approved! Utterly loveable! 

Computerbandit – ‘Popper, Punks & Porsche Drivers’


Feel like driving with my ‘hyper-car’ in a future city under the neon lights with Computerbandit’s  ‘Popper, Punks & Porsche Drivers’ on! Such a synthwave/outrun gem!

Zenon Marko – ‘Descent 1’

[ambient/epic music]

According to Zenon Marko ‘Descent 1’ “is the final part of the Symmetry cycle, a return to the beginning, the point of departure, the material world of earth.” An epic ambient piece with space-y soundscapes & specatalular melodic lines…. Larger than life music!

Chilled Mint – ‘Motherland’


British production outfit Chilled Mint’s debut offering ‘Motherland’ is a magnificent chill-out/ambient amalgam with gentle post rock finishing touches, ideal for mind travelling with extra low fares…. What a magnificent start!

WarningSounds that are 85 dBA or above can permanently damage your ears. The more sound pressure a sound has, the less time it takes to cause damage. For example, a sound at 85 dBA may take as long at 8 hours to cause permanent damage, while a sound at 100 dBA can start damaging hair cells after only 30 minutes of listening.

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