Free to Kill Again’ Features 10 new interpretations of the classic track ‘Killer‘ with some stunning vocal performances from a whole range of artists including ‘A list’ superstar Boy George, Leftfield legend Nina Hagen and wizard producer Adrian Sherwood, as well as a number of exciting up and comers.

Killer has been covered by numerous artists over the last 30 years, and there is a reason for the tracks longevity, the fact that its a stone cold classic which reverberates through the decades.

The new versions encapsulate the tracks original spirit and stride across the
genres from smokey dub to glitchy electronica.

All of the tracks were produced and arranged by Adamski which also highlights his considerable production skills and musical knowledge.

Often referred to as ‘Rave Culture’s first pop star’, it was in 1988 that the artist ADAMSKI was born.

Adamski quickly catapulted into the upper echelons of the nascent rave scene and within weeks played to 1000’s of people at all the key, seminal illegal rave parties.

He became resident musician at Ibiza’s hugely influential Amnesia, released
squiggly acid piano shuffler N-R-G, performed on TOTPs, and released LIVEANDIRECT, an album cobbled together from various live rave recordings.

A then unknown artist called Seal snuck a demo tape to Adamski and was offered the instrumental of what turned out to be the track KILLER, reaching 1 in the UK, and topping charts across Europe & U.S.

In the late 90s Adamski’s focus shifted to DJing. Under a new moniker, Adam Sky, he toured Europe, South America & Asia, making the odd UK appearance.

Besides other projects, 3STEP and SONNY ERIKSSON, producer + DJ ADAMSKI still delivers bastardized and uniquely mixed club classics from the ‘origins of the rave era through today and beyond.