From the darkest corner of the abyss this list includes ten black and death metal tracks by:

Necrophiliac (black metal/death metal), album  ‘No Living Man is Innocent’, Xtreem Music

Dismalimerence (atmospheric black metal/progressive metal), album ‘Tome: 1’, Self-released

Viölent Hëx (black metal/punk), Demo

Aseitas (technical death metal), album ‘False Peace’, Translation Loss Records

Angel Rising (melodic death metal), album ‘Angel Rising’, Self-released


ULTHA (black metal/suicidal), album ‘Floors Of Heaven’, Self-released

0 (depressive black metal), album ‘Entity’, Self-released

Plague (death metal), album ‘Portraits of Mind’, Redefining Darkness Records

Bedsore (atmospheric death metal), album ‘Hypnagogic Hallucinations’, 20 Buck Spin

Kraken Duumvirate (blackened doom metal), upcoming album ‘The Stars Below, The Seas Above’, Silent Future Recordings

by Christos Doukakis