From the darkest corner of the abyss this list includes ten black and death metal tracks by:

Supreme Carnage (death metal), album  ‘Morbid Ways to Die’, Redefining Darkness Records

Veldes (atmospheric black metal), album ‘Storm Borrower’, Razed Soul Productions

Shylmagoghnar (progressive/melodic blackened death metal), album ‘Transience’, Napalm Records

Realm of Wolves (atmospheric black metal), album ‘Shores Of Nothingness’, self-released

Fractal Gates (progressive/melodic death metal), album ‘The Light That Shines’, Rain Without End Records


Ritual Necromancy (death metal), album ‘Disinterred Horror’, Dark Descent Records

Crawl (death metal), album ‘Rituals’, Transcending Obscurity Records

Stortregn (black/death metal), album ‘Emptiness fills The Void’, Non Serviam Records

Dawnbreaker (blackened death metal), album ‘Deus Vult’, New Templar Records

Infernal Coil (black/death metal), album ‘Within A World Forgotten’, Profound Lore Records

by Mary Kalaitzidou