Top 20 Most read posts for 2019

1.NewsStoner bands Sleep & Big Business team up for Spring TourAuthorSarah Medeiros

2.Cinema Cult2018 Top-20 Cult Films, by Karl FranksAuthorKarl Franks

3.Press Reviews: Colombian act Filmmaker spreading waves in ‘The Love Market’, Author: Last Day Deaf

4.Exclusives: Exclusive Track Premiere : Nomke – ‘Ended (by the morning sun)’AuthorLast Day Deaf

5.R(ockers) I(n) P(aradise)Michiel Eikenaar, vocalist of Nihill and Dodecahedron passed away at the age of 42AuthorMary Kalaitzidou

6.Tech: 5 of the very best Glitch Effects Pedals, Author: Geoff Walton

7.R(ockers) I(n) P(aradise): Olympia’s not so loud anymore. Fitz of Depression’s frontman Mikey Dees RIP, Author: Christos Doukakis

8.Exclusives: Exclusive Video Premiere : The Shipbuilders – ‘Silk Road’, Author: Last Day Deaf

9.Exclusives: Exclusive Video Premiere : Mouth Breather – ‘Cinema’AuthorsLast Day Deaf

10,News: Lust For Youth – Self Titled album, New single ‘Great Concerns’AuthorSarah Medeiros

11.News: Oh Sees announce massive 2019 TourAuthorSarah Medeiros

12.9+1 Q&A: 9+1 Q&A with Juno ReactorAuthorChristos Doukakis

13.Tributes: The 50 Best Albums for Last Day Deaf (2019)AuthorLast Day Deaf

14.R(ockers) I(n) P(aradise): Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading of indie/dream-pop duo Her’s killed in car crash, Author: Christos Doukakis

15.Interviews: Death SS, Author: Michael Natsis

16.9+1 Q&A: 9+1 Q&A with Kal Cahoone, Author: Konstantinos Pamfiliss

 17.Interviews: Dawn Ray’d, Author: Michael Natsis

18.Interviews: Possessed, Author: Mary Kalaitzidou

19.Exclusives: Exclusive Video Premiere : Lexica – ‘Faint Hue’, Authors: Last Day Deaf

20.Exclusives: Exclusive Video Premiere : ZAANO – ‘You Don’t Know Me Like That’AuthorsLast Day Deaf

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A tribute to what you mostly read on Last Day Deaf during 2016 (Monthly/Annual) plus some demographics

A tribute to what you mostly read on Last Day Deaf during 2017 (Monthly/Annual) plus some demographics

A tribute to what you mostly read on Last Day Deaf during 2018 (Monthly/Annual) plus some demographics


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